First of all, hi everyone, I'm a microelectronics junior engineer... and
a GNU/Linux The Gimp user.

The Gimp JPEG plug in does not allow to save defaults settings from
session to session. It does exists for the PNG one (see bug #63610).

I decided yesterday to write the same thing for jpeg, I submit the
source code (mainly inspired from the PNG implementation). Be cool, this
is my first GTK writing, first plug in for The Gimp, first active
participation to a OpenSource project ;-).

I also noticed a crash happening when checking the "use restart markers"
and then enabling the "preview" toggle. I found the bug, it is now fully
working. Maybe this issue has been corrected in dev version, but I
downloaded the last stable one.

I sent a first mail with the code source attached, but it has been
blocked by size.Source code is at :


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