On 7/10/07, Tom Davidson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> yes, sounds like Chris suggestions may do the trick. I will try it our 1st
> thing in the morn when I get back to work.
> > It looks to me like you moved the layer itself rather than its
> > contents,
> i used the move tool with not hot keys. clicked on the element and drug it
> to the right.... finalized move with the aarow keys. would that move the
> layer?
In this case, it was probably the right thing to do.. The only mistake
you made was not finishing with the floating layer (see below)

> thank you for the heads up, i will pay more attention to this.
> > It is also more likely that the layer is active, not selected.
> > Selections normally show up as an animated outline ('marching ants')
> >
> so the layer must  be active AND selected ? what i referred to as the
> element or content, did have the marching ants, even when i deselected all.
AFAIK this only happens for floating layers (When you paste, that
creates a floating layer; The floating layer will remain active and
selected until you either delete it, anchor it, or turn it into a new
layer (by selecting 'layers->new layer' from the menus)

> AND i could only fill/brush inside this boundary but i obviously need to
> fill outside the boundary.
'Lock alpha' is enabled by default for floating selections (see the
Layers dialog, underneath the Opacity control.)
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