Yesterday I filled a bugreport 461658 about this, but I was advised,
better to discus this matter here. There I have attached the patch and
a mockup.

Currently, hue-saturation tool dialog has master button surrounded with 6 color
boxes, whitch changes its color while regulating hue/lightness/saturation
values. Unfortunately it makes this dialog unnesasary big and akward to use.

So my enhancement proposal would be to make this dialog look more like
photoshop`s, but of course, not identical. In my opinion, those two hsl
gradients can show quite alot information, even without looking at the modified
picture itself. Most important, you can see seamless color transitions, and
compare to the original gradient.

As a start, I just added those two gradients, without radicaly changing this

I should mention, that I encountered a problem with current svn version, that
gimp_gradient_get_color_at function now requires gimpcontext, thou it is
absolutely unnecessary in this case, so I dont know how to get it, and for now,
I just made it optional in there.
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