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> 01. Yes good idea (but never speak out the evil word pho***o* - dev. are 
> a bit sensitive to it ;-)

Just a little thing that I would like to clarify: mentioning Photoshop
or other products on this list is perfectly OK.

If anybody on this list feels offended of feels compelled to react
strongly when someone mentions Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Windows,
Adobe, Microsoft or some other proprietary products or companies,
then they do not belong here.  Feel free to have constructive
discussions and to compare GIMP with other products here.  Other
programs also have great features, so describing these features and
their pros and cons can be a nice way to make GIMP even better.

However, there are some things that you should avoid:

- Assuming that everybody knows what you mean when you talk about
  some specific feature of another program.  I do not have a copy of
  Photoshop (*) and most GIMP developers do not have one either.  I
  have not seen nor used any recent version of Photoshop.  So if you
  mention some specific feature of another program, please be sure
  to describe it precisely instead of just saying that we should
  implement this or that like in Photoshop.

- Assuming that we want to have the same features as another
  program.  With the help of Peter, we have developed a vision for
  GIMP: http://developer.gimp.org/gimpcon/2006/index.html#vision
  Features that do not fit in the GIMP vision will probably not be
  implemented.  Among other things, GIMP does not try to copy
  Photoshop or MS Paint.

- Assuming that we will implement some useful feature in the same
  way as another program.  There is often more than one way to
  implement something.  Each solution has advantages and
  disadvantages.  We should always try to implement the solution
  that fits best together with other GIMP features.  So when you
  describe a feature, try to describe its purpose (what does it
  do? why is it useful? to whom?) before describing how it works.

Most of the comments on the list that were complaining about a
message mentioning Photoshop were due to one of the reasons given
above.  The complaints that were not due to one of these reasons
can probably be ignored.  So feel free to mention other products
or programs here, as long as you provide useful information.

By the way, there is no need to censor or change the name of a
product or company when you mention it (Ph*t*sh*p, Windoze, ...)
We can speak like grown-ups.  Or try to.  ;-)

So these were just my 2 cents to avoid spreading misconceptions
about what is OK and what is not OK on this list...


(*) I might still have a CD with Photoshop 4.0 LE for Windows 95
    that that came with my scanner.  But my old Win95 PC has not
    been booted since a very long time.  And a 10 years old copy
    of Photoshop is probably irrelevant for most comparisons.
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