Disrespecting others isn't an effective way to propose something. But still,
the GIMP UI shouldn't be redesigned without an open discussion. The GIMP is
a widely used software that is useful for many users. I personally prefer to
run GIMP than (a pirated version of) Photoshop, and am used to its interface
(although don't agree with some design decisions). Inkscape is another tool
that I really like in all aspects (functionality and UI). I don't need
Illustrator for vector design.

It's nice that GIMP has asked for the help of Interaction/Interface
designers. But users expect the functionality of prior versions to be
preserved. Layer modes is a feature that I consider very important, if it is
considered "deprecated" an alternative should be proposed, discussed,
changed, developed in an open process. In other aspects that are available
on the blog of GIMP UI, I agree completely with the need of one main menu
and not two. Relate to this the toolbox should maintain a draggable area for
moving the window (ie: the title). Also it should be able to be possible to
configure as a 2xN or 1xN icons and moved to the left border for efficiency
(this was proposed by Tog (question
idea by the way was the inspiration for me deciding to start
studying Interaction Design and for the 1 Dimension Menu, basically a second
step to ensure interface efficiency after the pointer is moved).

A rational and respectful exchange of ideas about the GIMP UI should be
started. Personally, I think that this is a crucial time in the development
of this widely used software. A total redesign without informing users may
lead to an unnecessary fork.
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