On Mon, 2007-08-06 at 13:27 -0300, Guillermo Espertino wrote:

> You're absolutely right. This discussion is pointless. If you suggest 
> that a script for scaling down in several steps is a valid solution you 
> know as much about image manipulation as I do about coding. So don't 
> waste each other's time.
> I'd be happy if you choose to listen to the users, even if they can't 
> make a patch. But since the first time I was here, I see the same: every 
> suggestion a user makes, you almost call him stupid.

First of all, I didn't call you or anyone else stupid. Second, this is a
developer list. If you want to make a user suggestion without going into
implementation details, then please use the gimp-user mailing-list for

The point you raised is handled in our bug-tracker and it was high on
the priority list for 2.4. Unfortunately it has not been resolved yet.
As a member of the gimp-developer list, I expect you to know that.
There is not much point in bringing it up again since that is not likely
going to help. That's why I call this a pointless discussion for the
developer list.


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