[resending, apparently the firts try didn't make it...]

Thanks, that patch looks generally fine, also coding style wise,

gimppalette-load.c: In function ‘gimp_palette_load_aco’:
gimppalette-load.c:440: warning: unused variable ‘color_bytes’
gimppalette-load.c:598:28: warning: unknown escape sequence '\)'
gimppalette-load.c: In function ‘gimp_palette_load_css’:
gimppalette-load.c:593: warning: unused variable ‘status’
gimppalette-load.c:592: warning: unused variable ‘format2_preamble’
gimppalette-load.c:591: warning: unused variable ‘color_info’
gimppalette-load.c:590: warning: unused variable ‘header’
gimppalette-load.c:589: warning: unused variable ‘i’
gimppalette-load.c:588: warning: unused variable ‘number_of_colors’
gimppalette-load.c:587: warning: unused variable ‘format_version’
gimppalette-load.c:586: warning: unused variable ‘color_bytes’
gimppalette-load.c: In function ‘gimp_palette_load_detect_format’:
gimppalette-load.c:679: warning: ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and

Please fix these warnings and attach the updated patch to
bugzilla. This way it won't get lost.

The patch can unfortunately not be included in 2.4 because
we are too close to a release, and we don't depend on a glib
version that has GRegex yet. I'll look into applying it after
the 2.4 release so it will be in 2.6.


On Sat, 2007-08-04 at 19:45 +0100, Nicola Archibald wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Hi All,
> Attached is a patch, against svn, which adds ACO importing, and CSS
> color extraction, for the palette system.
> The ACO code only reads the version 1 section at the moment, I plan on
> finishing the version 2 support to extract color names a little later.
> Color spaces supported are RGB, CMYK, HSV and greyscale, but not Lab.
> The CSS import extracts colors defined in a .css file.
> If this patch meets the standards, perhaps someone would like to
> incorporate it into the repository.
> This patch would, I believe, enable the closing of Bug #316618

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