With these new cool options for the gimp 2.4, I can't seem to find
information about whether or not there will be a brush manager.
In gimp 2.2, it's getting rather messy in that folder when you have a number
of brushes, it gets hard to organize, plus it seems to add to the time gimp
takes to load.

There is a python script around that provides a kind of brush management, so
you can toggle sets on and off.
Basically it works like this: you have an active brush folder, which is the
directory you tell gimp to load the (extra) brushes from, and there is the
folder where all the brushes, and sets are located. the script creates a
small gui with a list and a checkbox. you check which brushes you want
active, it then copies those to the active brush folder, and after a brush
reload, you have your brushes at your disposal.
Obviously if you uncheck them, the script removes them from the active brush

I've googled quite a bit, and can't find a thing about brush management,
well, rather a brush manager for the gimp above version 2.2 (which includes
I'm rather curious, is a brush manager in the works? that would be a very
nice addition.
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