On Thu, Aug 30, 2007 at 08:56:33AM +0200, Jakub Friedl wrote:
> I think that "use image file quality unless defaults are 'better'" is not
> thee problem. Problem is inheriting image quality between different images
> in one GIMP session. I have a default quality of 85. Then I open DSLR image
> with quality 95. Save it with that quality. Then I open and save low quality
> cameraphone image. But I am not offered my default nor the original
> cameraphone quality (which would be both understandable) but the DSLR
> quality of 95. Huh? These images have nothing in common except they have
> been opened in the same editor session. Do not mix them up.

There are times I definitely *want* to save the settings from a
previous save. A common task for me is to edit ten or so images to
present at 300x225 pixel size on the web. Of course, I don't want to
save exif or thumbnail, so the carrying-over of these choices (and I
don't know if this is fixed in 2.4 or not) is appreciated. Not wanting
to use *too* much memory on my server, I will usually tweak the jpeg
quality factor down to something less than the default 85, and I like
having this carry forward from image to image when I am doing this
task. If one looks too degraded at the new setting, then I can tweak
it upwards, or if one is too big, then I can try lessening the
quality, but I certainly wouldn't like to have each new image return
to the default, or to some value determined by the image itself. I
want to be in control but not have to control too much, if you know
what I mean. I want the software to remember what I am doing.

Couldn't there be a button somewhere to "forget previous settings" or
"begin new task"? Actually, that would be helpful in many other
situations, such as the file-save directory (and this is probably a
GTK issue, I suppose). Now, I have to select the directory *every
time*, even though I "obviously" want to save all 10 images to the
same directory. Sort of like "fifty first dates"....

Actually, the more I think about it, the idea of a "begin task - end
task" pair of buttons makes sense to me. Perhaps there could be
pre-defined task parameters which the user has set up for different
ones. Such as defaults for the resize-image, crop image, save
directory, etc, etc. Maybe something like this already exists and I
don't know about it. Who knows....

scott swanson
just a user.....
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