Thanks for the feedback! :)

2007/9/28, Aurimas Juška <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Interestingly enough, I could never think of a splash screen that
> would be made for one version (2.4) and imposible to rework for other
> (2.6). You proved it's possible :) Nonetheless, The Gimp allows
> everyone to change default splash screen, so you can still make it
> available to the others.

LoL. I find that I would be funny to open the GIMP and to see a hand making
the version number :P
Probably I will like the official splash, but since I released the splash as
creative commons no problems if that, everyone can use it :) . Just to let
everyone know that I put the XCF file with all the layers in the Download
Button (on the same link), you can even change the thing if you like! >

What concerns brushes, I think it would be nice to have links to all
> known brush, pattern, etc. pages in one central page (or even have
> resource database).

I think thats a great Idea. Especially in the official site of GIMP. It
could be like that: If the Pack of Brushes are Free (like Creative Commons
or other license) they can be put in the Official site of GIMP (not just put
the mirror, since the site can go down). If the pack is not free, put just a
link in the site. Of course not all the Brushes can be put, since some
brushes can be identical to others...

thanks again!

Filipe Soares Dilly
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