GIMP 2.4 will be released very soon.  It should be a matter of days.
However, the new web site for 2.4 is not ready yet.  It would be nice
to get some help and have the web site ready for the release.

As you may already know, a temporary web site has been set up at (please do not publish links to that site outside the
GIMP lists!).  I am looking for volunteers who could contribute
contents for the following pages, in order of decreasing importance:

Required for the 2.4 release (blockers):

  The release notes for GIMP 2.4.  Several sections are incomplete.

  List of features presented in a graphical way.  See the FIXME
  message near the top of that page.

Optional improvements:

  A description of color management as an addition to the release
  notes for GIMP 2.4.  Still incomplete.

  The original introduction and list of features, partially redundant
  with the new list in /features/.  Maybe both could be merged?

  The user FAQ should be updated.  Some sections are obsolete (Xinput,
  MIT-SHM, ...), the sections about fonts and file formats date back
  from the GIMP 1.x times, most of the troubleshooting section should
  be rewritten, etc.  Some answers could be shortened by linking to
  other parts of the site or (e.g., the list of books
  should link to /books/).

  History of GIMP releases.  I'm not really sure about what to write
  in that page (compare with prehistory.html and ancient_history.html)
  or how to make a pretty timeline as a simple image (without using
  JavaScript). So maybe this can be left for later.

If you want to help for any of these pages or improve some other
parts of the site, please contribute directly in SVN.  If you do not
have SVN commit access, you can also post bits of improved text to the
gimp-web list and someone will take care of committing them for you.
If you have SVN access to the gimp-web module, please use the branch
"gimp-web-v2.4" instead of the trunk, which is only used for the old
site and will be replaced soon.

Several people have reported that they experienced difficulties in
building the web site from SVN or setting up a web server, etc.  If
you only want to check that you did not break anything before doing a
commit, then you do not even need a web server to test your changes:
  make DocumentRoot=/tmp/wgo
This will build and install the generated HTML files in a temporary
directory /tmp/wgo without requiring you to set up anything special.
If this works, then chances are the you did not break anything.  You
will not be able to see the correct style sheets and included files,
but at least this will check the basic syntax of your pages.


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      please send replies to the gimp-web list only.
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