I have written the following short blurb on the Sample Points feature  
and provided a corresponding screenshot  



The ability to display information about sample points of an image has  
been added. Sample points are added by holding down the CONTROL key  
while dragging the mouse pointer from either the horizontal or  
vertical ruler onto the drawing. Information about the pixel at a  
sample point's location is displayed in a "Sample Points" dialog window.

After being placed on an image, a sample point can be moved using the  
Color Picker Tool. A sample point can be removed by dragging it over  
to one of the rulers.


Quoting Raphaël Quinet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> GIMP 2.4 will be released very soon.  It should be a matter of days.
> However, the new web site for 2.4 is not ready yet.  It would be nice
> to get some help and have the web site ready for the release.

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