Ok with the need of the replace mode as the initial state of the Fade 
Tool, but what use does it have?
I mean, in practical terms, you applied a filter, you want to fade back 
to the previous state... What's the "replace" mode use in that case? (if 
you drag the slider nothing happens).
For the eyes of the user, the default mode does nothing, and that's a 
problem. It doesn't even "fade" unless you change it to another blending 
If it's needed internally, ok. But there isn't apparently a reason to 
have it in the interface as an available mode.
I mean: If I can change it from "replace" to "normal" manually, can't 
that sequence be performed at the moment of opening the dialog 

Maybe I'm missing something, but if I apply a filter, open the "fade" 
dialog and move the slider without changing the mode and hit Ok. What is 
the effect? That's why I'm asking.

Oh, and by the way, why don't the levels and curves tools work with the 
fade tool?

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