Sven Neumann <sven <at>> writes:

> Hi,
> you are of course right that the current dialog is less than ideal.
> However changing the initial mode to "Normal" would be incorrect, even
> though it would improve the usability of the Fade dialog quite a bit.
> I will think about it some more and talk to Mitch. Perhaps we can even
> accept a small incorrectness in the user interface here.
> Sven

Sven, can you explain what you mean by "incorrect"? 
I think the blend mode in the fade UI should be removed altogether.
As people here already commented, even if behind the screen "replace" is set
initially, it should be changed to "normal" automatically. 
After all, only the "normal" mode has the desired influence of actually fading
the last effect. If it's called "fade" and it doesn't fade, it's of no use.

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