Quoting Daniel Pinheiro Lima <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> ... But, in the new
> version of Gimp, the gap tool are sending a Message error:
> The image convert aren't working.
> The duplicate continue, the navigation resources (next frame,
> previous...last...)  works, but send the same error message.
> The playback tool works perfectly
> Are this problem already fixed?

Version 2.2.2 of the GAP should fix the problem. You might still get  
an error message on some "apply filter on layer(s)" operations, but  
they should still work. I think such errors are the result of new  
iter_ALT filters needing to be rebuilt and I hope to be addressing  
that soon.

> I want to help you in the development!
> You have anything in the roadmap about animation?

The main GAP developer is reportedly working on updating the FFMPEG  
encoding as well as making some storyboard changes. I have just  
started working on OGG support and am interested in updating the audio  

> Tell me. What an animator can do for you?

Try to get Ubuntu repositories to provide an up-to-date version; last  
I checked, their version was over two years old.

If you have not already learned how to build the GIMP and GAP from the  
SVN source, it would be helpful if you did so that you could provide  
feedback and report bugs. There should be some updates coming up in  
the next few months and testers would be appreciated.

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