another task that should be put on the agenda, perhaps even for 2.6:

Currently only the image display is color-managed. The color selectors
and the previews in the core and in plug-ins aren't. This should be
changed and it should be possible to reuse the existing ColorDisplay
filters to do this job.

Reusing the display filters for this is probably the way to go. We would
hovever have to make an optimization in the lcms module then. Currently
each display filter loads the color profiles and creates a
transformation object to convert between colorspaces. If we extend this
to all previews and color selectors, then we will have to avoid this. So
either we reuse the same display filter for all previews or we introduce
a transformation cache. Perhaps doing both would be the best solution as
multiple displays on the same image would also benefit from a
transformation cache.

If anyone wants to work on this, please talk to me. I have some more
thoughts spent on this already. So far I only wanted to have this
brought up so that it isn't forgotten....


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