Sven Neumann wrote:

> Floating Selections
> -------------------
> We should try to remove floating selections from the user interface. It
> should be possible to completely hide this implementation detail.
> This needs a thorough analysis first. How exactly should all the case be
> handled where a floating selection is involved?

Unfortunately I have very little time to devote to coding currently, and 
haven't really been keeping up with the changes here.  In 2.4 The user 
can no longer use a selection tool to "tear off" and float a selected 
region, am I right?  If you want to select and move a region you now 
have to manually float with either ctrl-shift-L or do Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V, 

If floating selections are to be removed, how do you anticipate a user 
selecting a section of an image and moving it?  By creating a proper 
layer from the selection?

Alastair M. Robinson
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