yet another list of tasks that we should IMO commit ourselves to:

Floating Selections
We should try to remove floating selections from the user interface. It
should be possible to completely hide this implementation detail.

This needs a thorough analysis first. How exactly should all the case be
handled where a floating selection is involved?

Alpha Channel
Bug 486902 ( makes an
interesting suggestion on how to remove the burden of adding/removing
alpha channels to layers.

This should be looked at and it might turn out to be relatively simple
to implement.

Layer boundaries
It would be nice if layers would enlarge themselves when needed. It is
annoying that the user has to care about this.

This should be looked at from a user perspective first. When we have
figured out the details (like how to align a text layer if it doesn't
have a border), we can look how to best implement it. GEGL supports
sparse tiles, doesn't it?


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