hi all,

let me see what since friday has been said (UI-wise) concerning
the roadmap.

Martin wrote:

> I suspect making use of Cairo won't impose significant changes to
> the spec?

Well it does, because instead of the current 1-bit (invert) graphics
for displaying the UI on the canvas, we could lighten/darken with
a much higher 'bit depth'. Which means that the current workarounds
(e.g. showing no side handles except on mouse over) can be replaced.

Then Sven put these (UI related) projects on the map, but not
necessarily on the 2.6 roadmap:

* next generation size entries

* finishing of:
  * Heal Tool
  * Sample Points
  * Foreground Select Tool

* Floating Selections

* Alpha Channel

* Layer boundaries

The ideas for these are mostly in sync with the conclutions the
UI team reached during the expert evaluation. Here I want to
say that what gets put on the 2.6 roadmap will be specified
first because it has a higher priority.

And then Guillermo opened the the debate about user request number one:


and everybody starts discussing _how_ this could be done...

guys, roadmapping is about what you will deal with in the next release 
absed on how hard it will be to implement.

Now I really want to solve this mayor issue, it will be a
multi-facetted solution, but the developers keep telling me
that it is not going to be easy to implement.

Even to do the bare minimum ("Removed the extra menu bar, the
inspectors have been made real floating windows", a first stage
of usability bug fixing before) would, if I understood Mitch +
Yosh right, involve patching all mayor window managers out there.

I am all for it that we do this as soon as possible, but I can
also understand that it is too much for 2.6.


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