My suggestion for GIMP 2.6 - and the only thing I feel able to
contribute to - is the reorganization of the user directory.

Currently, the configuration (*.rc) and resources (brushes, scripts,
...) are stored into a .gimp-x.y dir in the users HOME.

There are a few general problems with this approach, though:

- the directory is hard to reach, either because it is hidden (on
unixoid systems) or at a place that is hard to access (USERPROFILE on

- while there's no big problem with the rc files being in a hidden
directory (except for a few obscure options, we got an ui for them),
this is bad for scripts, brushes, patterns, plugins, etc which are
installed and modified by the user more frequently

There are also some platform-specific problems:

- on Windows, the actual user profile directory itself is almost
meaningless to the user (and the administrator, as far as backups are
concerned). The various subdirectories are far more interesting.

 * the configuration is expected to be in APPDATA\<appname>
 * all files the user cares about are (or should) be located in the My
Documents (yes, I know that this is localized and can be obtained in
another way) directory
 * some files should be located in Local Settings (usually excluded from

We do have some bug reports about it, providing suggestions and some
background info. I'll need any information about any changes on Vista
and about anything special on OS X.

The proposed steps are:

- categorize the existing directories into

  * hidden config
  * visible user stuff
  * local stuff (i.e. not part of roaming profiles)

- decide about the best directory for each group, per platform

- implement any changes necessary to have the files there (i.e. set the
right paths during user install, provide new variables for the global rc
templates, ...)

There is a project called CREATE which does have a spec for
resource/asset directory organization, I hope to be able to use it for
the visible user stuff, at least.


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