I just have a couple of small suggestions, whose aim is to streamline the 
UI a little bit.

The first is to take, if possible, the "tools" dialog, and incorporate it 
into the "toolbox" tab in the preferences. Then remove the tools dialog as 
a separate dialog.
my reasoning, and correct me if I'm wrong, is that The tools dialog is 
only used to determine the order and visibility of icons in the toolbox.
It *can* be used to select tools to use, but in ths it duplicates the 
function of the toolbox itself. So, its only feature is actually a setting,
and will almost never be used once it is set up to the user's liking.
So: there's no need to have it as a dialog along with the other more 
used dialogs.
The preferences dialog is a more logical place for such a feature.
As for implementation, I guess a "configure toolbox" button, similar to 
the "configure keyboard shortcuts", is a good solution.

My second suggestion - I think it was discussed before - is to switch the
functionality of the "add layer" button in the layers menu, at least as 
an option:
click will create a new empty layer, shift-click will open the new layer 
The reason is that 99% of the time an empty layer is what's needed anyway.
There is no reason to force the user to press additional keys 995 of the 
time just for the once or twice a month something else is needed.

My third suggestion - and this is based on personal experience - is to 
return the "transient dialog" option, not just as an option but as a 
default if possible.
I've been using Gimp 2.4 rather extensively both on Windows and Linux
(Ubuntu+Compiz) for some time now, and have not run into any major 
problems while using the transient docks. 
While it's far from perfect, it is still so much better than doing
without them that the benefits far outweigh any possible problems IMHO.

Thank you for reading this, please consider my suggestions.


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