Hi all,
This is the 2ยบ draft for the 1 Dimensional Menu:

I will be honored if the new GIMP UI is the first implementation of a 1DM.
This, I think are the changes to make it possible:

0) separate the toolbar from the menubar(s)
1) make the toolbar customizable to show only the relevant tools
(configurable by each user) to simplify
2) change it to a vertical layout with only one icon per line
3) move it to the left border of the screen by default
4) increase the right padding so that the mouse can be moved vertically more
easily and quickly
5) add the name of each tool in this extra space

I don't know which parts of this need a new GTK widget, but also think that
the concept can be tested with current widgets.

If the menubar is separated from the toolbar, the toolbar's window can be
manually positioned as a 1xN column in the border.
The only part that has to be coded (I think) is changing the padding of each

On another note, is a new mailing list dedicated exclusively to interface
design needed? IMO, this can make possible a "filter" between design and
engineering posts making this much welcomed redesign progress more smoothly.
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