I may not understand your description.
It gave me an idea, though:
mouse-gesture-ish submenus..
That is, supposing that you have a top-level menu with items


and 3 is a submenu,
then, to select 3, you move down -- then a menu folds out horizontally


you move across, and select 5, which is also a submenu:


And move up to the item you wanted, 8.

During the time a menu is active, the mouse could be constrained to
only move along that axis. Then, the above menu selection could be
made by the mouse gesture Down-Right-Up-Click (with appropriate
distances). With the cursor keys, it could be made by pressing
Up-Left-Down-Down-Enter after bringing the menu up .
In this way you can make menu navigation like maze navigation, or like
performing special moves in a fighting game, rather than the fairly
uncomfortable and unmemorable 'tree' movement used in most
applications today.

On 11/5/07, Esteban Barahona <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi all,
> This is the 2ยบ draft for the 1 Dimensional Menu:
> http://www.zensui.org/IxD/1DM.html
> I will be honored if the new GIMP UI is the first implementation of a 1DM.
> This, I think are the changes to make it possible:
> 0) separate the toolbar from the menubar(s)
> 1) make the toolbar customizable to show only the relevant tools
> (configurable by each user) to simplify
> 2) change it to a vertical layout with only one icon per line
> 3) move it to the left border of the screen by default
> 4) increase the right padding so that the mouse can be moved vertically more
> easily and quickly
> 5) add the name of each tool in this extra space

I do understand the points you are making here, though.
In addition to 4) I want to suggest that this extra padding only be
visible during selection, so usable space is maximized

> I don't know which parts of this need a new GTK widget, but also think that
> the concept can be tested with current widgets.
> If the menubar is separated from the toolbar, the toolbar's window can be
> manually positioned as a 1xN column in the border.
> The only part that has to be coded (I think) is changing the padding of each
> icon.
> On another note, is a new mailing list dedicated exclusively to interface
> design needed? IMO, this can make possible a "filter" between design and
> engineering posts making this much welcomed redesign progress more smoothly.
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