On Wed, 2007-11-07 at 17:29 +0100, Marcus Heese wrote:

> First of all (although perhaps the least important), it would be good to
> have a well-designed font selection dialog, that allows a quick
> selection of a font even when you have a lot of fonts installed and
> you're perhaps searching for a specific font face and you don't know the
> name of a specific font that fulfills your needs.
> A little googling then pointed me to that site:
> http://www.unifont.org/fontdialog/

That document is not quite up to date. GIMP 2.4 does take the major
coverage of a font into account and displays a specific string in the
preview instead of always using "Aa". This could probably be improved
further but I don't like the "solution" that this document suggests.
Using the name of the font for previewing the font is a very bad idea.
You can't compare fonts any longer and some fonts do not even cover the
glyphs that are needed to write their own name.

> I clearly see the problem that a well-designed font-dialog is a task
> that should be implemented in the toolkit, so gtk+ in our case, but I
> think it's important to point out that this is a thing which is really
> annoying when using the gimp (well, at least it is annoying me for a
> long time, because one doesn't really have to look for artistic fonts
> when simply writing a letter or something with a word processor).

GTK+ has a font selection dialog, we just don't use it as it doesn't
seem to fit well into the application.

> About justification and writing direction: I've used some Asian fonts in
> one of my last gimp works... and then I couldn't believe that this seems
> to be a problem, too. I'm still thinking it is my fault not finding the
> options for it :) (perhaps it's some localization specific setting or
> something) ... Where can I set the writing direction (from right to
> left, left to right, top to bottom, bottom to top, etc.)?? and what
> would justification like left justified mean for a box that has a
> writing direction from top to bottom?

Right-to-left writing is supported. top-to-bottom has only recently been
added to Pango and some changes in GIMP are needed to make this feature

> Ok, but now more to the Western font problems. The so-called "tracking"
> is implemented with the letter-spacing mechanism. There is, however, no
> option to disable/enable the so-called "kerning" of a font. It's not
> always desirable to have kerning enabled, and at the moment I helped
> myself in just using tracking for this, although it's definitely NOT
> giving the exact result I wanted to have. So another option for
> enabling/disabling kerning of a font would be nice, too.

Pango doesn't offer this choice, so GIMP cannot offer it either. So if
you wanted to fix this, you should start by adding this feature to

> Another really nice feature would be, if one could activate ligature
> substitutions!

Same here. You should get in contact with Behdad and propose this
feature to him.


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