Here is the list of proposed changes in 2.6 that Sven asked for:


- IWarp as tool (Tor)
- finishing rectangle tools (Enselic)
- full use of cairo for the select/crop tools (?)
- add support for color jitter in the paint tools (Adrian Likins)
- paint tools should support "smudging" as they paint (Adrian Likins)
- brush stroke panel for stroking with curves (Joao)
- color-neutral toolbox icons that are quick to recognise and work with (?)


- arbitrary angle guidelines (Joao)
- Cairo rendering (Sven)


- migrate some parts of the metadata core to a library for the whole
app  (raphael)
- convert EXIF to XMP, XMP to EXIF, IPTC to XMP, XMP to IPTC (raphael)
- rewrite the XMP parser and the internal data model (raphael)
- implement the "user-friendly" tabs in the metadata editor  (raphael)
- easy merging of XMP presets from a drop-down list or something
similar (raphael)
- implement history tracking for XMP Media Management (raphael)
- allow creative editing of the embedded thumbnail (raphael)


- simplify the user interface of jpeg plug-in (raphael)
- all file plug-ins handle metadata correctly (raphael)
- make sure that the last used settings are saved in a parasite
attached to the image instead of using global "save_vals", etc

GEGL integration

- write adapter/proxy functions/objects which enable a GEGL graphs to
read/write from/to GIMP PixelRegions (?)
- remove all color correction code from app/base and use GEGL
operators instead (?)
-  if feasible in the time frame, abstract some common color
correction base API out of the above step and implement a simple color
correction paint tool (?)


- vector layers (Henk Boom?)


- new text tool API (Marcus Heese?)
- cleaning up metadata related part of PDB (raphael)

The ? character after a name means that exact intentions of that
person are unknown.

Let me know if I missed something.

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