Hello everybody,

I'm a developer and I'm interested in contributing to GIMP. Developing
software is my full-time job, mainly programming enterprise Java software.

To get started with GIMP, I downloaded the source for version 2.4.1 and I'm
trying to compile it on my Ubuntu 7.10 (32-bit) machine. I installed a bunch
of libraries that are mentioned in the file INSTALL and ran ./configure,
which seemed to go without errors.

However, when I ran make, it would stop soon with a confusing error message.
After looking through configure.log I noticed that it was looking for
libcurl development files, which were not on my system. So I downloaded and
installed libcurl (+ dev headers) and now it's busy compiling.

Is libcurl indeed required to compile GIMP?
If so, can you please add a note to INSTALL that says you also need libcurl?

Thanks, I'm looking forward to contributing to GIMP.

Jesper de Jong
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