Laurent G. wrote:
> I have been fighting the evening long, trying to give data through such
> an array.
> I followed the "trick" of inserting an int32 before the array in args,
> but I keep getting my plugin to explode gimp on my calling to my simple
> procedure, at least while calling from python console. I can not figure
> out where I made the first mistake. So if I could compare my code with a
> working one, I could detect my error(s).

It would be better if you could post your script somewhere so it can be looked 
at. It should not be possible for a script or plug-in to "explode GIMP". If 
your script is able to do that, having the script available for review will 
allow the problem to be fixed so that other scripts won't be able to break GIMP.

If you are passing an array to GIMP the argument right before you pass the 
array is used to tell GIMP the number of items in the array. It is assumed 
that the array contains at least that number of items in it. If you are 
telling GIMP that the array has 10 items in it (for example) but you have not 
put at least 10 items in to the array before passing it to GIMP you are going 
to run in to problems.


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