Sven wrote:

> I don't see though why it requires massive changes to implement a
> preview of paint strokes. It should be possible to do this after some
> refactoring of the code.

Stroking with a paint tool is implemented in gimppaintcore-stroke.c,
by gimp_paint_core_stroke() or gimp_paint_core_stroke_boundary(),
which are very similar.

Each of these functions calls:


And each of those requires an attached drawable.  Furthermore, each of
them is actually a virtual function (mostly), implemented differently by each
paint tool.  And at least some of those object methods will break if you
don't have an attached drawable.  So I don't see how to make this work
on anything other than an attached drawable by any sort of simple 
refactoring.  It would require a major rewrite of the paint core code,
and that's some of the worst code in all of GIMP to mess around with.

  -- Bill
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