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> > I'm not saying that a web hosted image
> > someone interested in creating such a thing in the first place) I
> > doubt it would be hosted as a free service due to the much larger
> > overhead of keeping something like that going rather than allowing
> > downloads.
> >
> May be this could be provided by several server as a test. Main
> gimp.org/xxx could only redirect on these servers to tka the best
> benefits of several ressources.
> I'm not administrator but i have a server on which i could put this
> solution for tests, and then see.

Per simultaneous user using the service I expect that you would have
to donate ~1ghz of processing power, 256mb of memory and a couple of
gigs of swap space.

But do note, I do not see this as a direction it is likely the current
set of GIMP/GEGL developers neither should nor have strong desires to
be directing development efforts, thus even thinking about gathering
resources for a non existent vapour project is extremely premature.

If someone has real plans for a system using AJAX or an other form of
rich client image manipulation/processing application, I'd suggest
they'd outline a road map or general plan for what they'd want to
achieve and I'll be willing to comment on it on the GEGL-development
mailing list. On the GEGL mailing list I'd outline what bits might be
missing in GEGL to achieve the goals as well as give some feedback on
the feasibility of the concrete plans.

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