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> I am an Internet programmer and developer, but I am not as good as I want to 
> be because of a resource problem.
> But I am looking for a long while onto the WWW platform and its technologies. 
> AJAX with GEGL and some sort of
> a rich Internet Client could provide amazing contents to the open and free 
> source community.

GEGL is designed with such developments in mind, and would already be
easily adaptable to provide changing images in a tiled manner with
micro updates, scaled down versions and other efficient communications
of updates to the changed image.

Hosting such a solution is a completely different thing though, since
both bandwidth and disk space are needed for the imagery, as well as
not insignificant processing power on the server side. Running such a
service will also require resources for administration.

I'm not saying that a web hosted image
manipulation/processing/compositing application is in any way
unfeasible on top of GEGL. Thoughts have been put into making the
design fit such scenarios as well in the process of making it
versatile. If a web server front-end shows up (which would need
someone interested in creating such a thing in the first place) I
doubt it would be hosted as a free service due to the much larger
overhead of keeping something like that going rather than allowing

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