William Skaggs writes:
> 1) You have a "workspace", holding the brushes that you are currently
[ ... ]
> 2) You have a set of extra folders, specified in Preferences.  The
>    brushes in these folders don't automatically belong to the
>    workspace.  To get at them, you invoke a Brush Chooser, which pops
[ ... ]
> 3) You can also use the Chooser to save a brush from the workspace
>    into the currently selected folder, assuming you have write
>    permission there.

Nice! As you say, that would really encourage the creation of new
brushes, patterns and gradients because it would be so much easier
to use them.

You didn't mention fonts, but your idea would work equally well for
managing an unweildy list of fonts. If there was a way to add
hierarchies into the workspace, we could even solve the much-
discussed problem of font categorization (these are my script
fonts, these are my cartoon fonts, ...)

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