On Thu, Jan 17, 2008 at 05:39:29PM +0100, peter sikking wrote:
> There are some traits that make Bill's idea obsolete. First one
> is the hierarchical organisation of resources. A tagging system
> allows multiple ways to find a resource again (instead of a unique
> one) by attaching many different properties to it (a single brush
> can be: small, ragged, subtle, project XYZ, project ABC, old skool).
> And this can only encourage reuse of a resource.

Okay, if there are multiple tags enabled, that is great! Just call one
of them 'workspace' if you want. Just so long as there is an easy way
to set/unset a tag, both by browsing the whole set, or by just
browsing within a tag. And a nice way of selecting the current tag,
possibly with unions (all of the project ABC tags plus all of the old
skool tags that aren't already included in ABC, plus the subtle tags
that are in XYZ minus the subtle tags in ABC...) - then if the
selection could be given a new 'project DEF' tag. I drool.

Scott Swanson
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