On Wed, 2008-01-16 at 17:03 +0000, William Skaggs wrote:

> This problem has been discussed several times in the past, and
> proposals have been made about how to address it.  I have been
> thinking about it recently, and have come up with a somewhat
> different, and I believe simpler approach, which I have begun to study
> experimentally.

Right. We have discussed this in the past and we have come up with a
simple and IMO very good solution that has several advantages over the
approach that you are suggesting now. The solution is to allow tags to
be assigned to data files. This allows the same data file to show up in
several categories and it makes it easy to search for certain files.
This is also the solution that is approved by the UI team. Please, by
all means, let's not introduce something as obsolete as the system that
you are suggesting now.


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