Sven wrote:

> On Mon, 2008-02-04 at 01:35 +0100, peter sikking wrote:
>> and oh, note that the slider to set the alpha of what goes on in that
>> window will be there anyway...
> This is not currently implementable, so I would rather not base the  
> spec
> on this opacity slider.

just to clarify: are you assuming that the whole window will become
transparent and the desktop shines through? I am talking about
making some stuff transparent against a window background, hardly
rocket science for GIMP...

> I also very much wonder why the window should have something as  
> useless
> as a slider to control the visual appearance

the slider is a dead serious key in the whole experience. to seamlessly
track the mood of users over a a working day (or a hobby night) is
worth gold in user interaction.

> but lack any useful widgets
> to give people quick access to the things they will most likely do  
> next.
> What's wrong about a link to the recently used images and to the New
> image dialog?

the thing to focus here is that GIMP is not going to behave like some  
yelling (yep, that is what a dialog is): "that was fun, what are we  
to do now... I mean now... really now!"

as long as we understand that, you will be able to understand the
crucial decisions that I take here.


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