I'm a http://www.wilber-loves-apple.org/ member. I am regularly building
latest GTK and GIMP, and have produced a first self-contained binary some
time ago (see thread on said website).

For now it's looking very promising. There are a few reasons why it was not
released yet :
* There's a few major showstopper bugs, and we're waiting on GTK folks to
fix them. The most important one is that keyboard shortcuts currently do not
care about the open window and can catch keys randomly - for instance if you
try to type a S in the text editor tool, the S key down event will be stolen
by the toolbox window, and used to select whatever tool uses shortcut S.
* Packaging it is currently very painful. The current X11 package uses a
launcher. We could still use a launcher for the native version and have it
easy, but it doesn't feel right, and there's up to 3 icons in the dock for
GIMP (while usually a dock should only have one icon per app. in this case,
it's one for the launcher, one for GIMP, one for script-fu). So the
procedure I have written about some time ago does work just fine without
launcher, but has only minimal functionnality, is very long and painful,
unreliable, and requires patching GIMP. I currently am planning to work on
improving the process. Another bit of problem, is that it while requires
patching GIMP, the patches would be very specific to my build method and in
no way universal to all possible mac ports, so this is why I never submitted
anything (plus, they are very ugly and hackish, many improvements still
needed). I will continue looking into it, and probably get back to this
mailing list when I have done a bit more work.

The native menu bar does an awesome job. Sometime in the future, the GTK
team plan to add open document event catching capabilities to the menu bar
package, and when they do it would be great to implement this feature (I'll
try to do it but my gobject and GIMP internals knowledge is so bad I'm not
sure I'll be able to - if it's the case, and mitch doesn't have time to add
this feature like he did with the menu bar, I can perhaps for help again
here) (on mac, open document are always events, so there's no need for
stunts like gimp-remote. even though I think you're moving away from that on
linux too?)

 But, the good news is that it's sure going to work :) Not yet sure how, but
working on it.
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