Hi everyone,

I'm not sure I understand fully your packaging mechanism, but would it be
> possible to have script-fu and the launcher as faceless background
> apps?  I
> know it's possible to disable the dock presence (for a given app) -- but I
> am not sure if it's really needed a UI for the extra 2 processes in your
> new
> scheme.  If I understand the intentions of the project (make GIMP a
> seamless
> first-class citizen on OS X), in theory the user shouldn't need to worry
> about those technical details: so I'm thinking, maybe any config-related
> UI
> elements could be removed or moved somewhere else and have the 2
> additional
> processes as background daemons.

Actually the goal at the moment is to get rid of the launcher, only this way
can GIMP be a true mac app (this includes the ability to open documents by
dropping them on its icon, all general interaction from the dock, using
application switchers, etc. none of these native features could be performed
properly with a hidden launcher. That's why I'm working towards removing the
launcher altoghether and itneraction directly with the gimp executable.
Making script-fu a faceless background process is probably possible but I
still need to experiment.

Also, keep in mind removinf the launcher IS possible, I've already done it,
I just need to refine my instructions. I am thinking about creating some
sort of GTK binary distribution for mac (anyway if I don't someone else will
do. such a distribution would ease the process A LOT).

> You would also have to do this (or something like this) for all
> plug-ins. Script-Fu just happens to run as an extension. But there might
> be other GIMP extensions and since all plug-ins are separate processes,
> they would probably all show up in the dock when they are being run.

Ok. Well I will first try to figure out the appropraite code to do that (I
have sample code I think could work but I still have to test it). When I
figure that out, we can think about polishing things. Also, just removing
the launcher would already improve the interaction a lot so I may start with
that instead.

> Has this been reported upstream?

It has, and it might even be fixed, I don't know, I need to update my GTK
version and test again (I'm doing it at the moment but it takes a rather
long time to compile everything on my computer)
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