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> * Packaging it is currently very painful. The current X11 package uses a
> launcher. We could still use a launcher for the native version and have it
> easy, but it doesn't feel right, and there's up to 3 icons in the dock for
> GIMP (while usually a dock should only have one icon per app. in this case,
> it's one for the launcher, one for GIMP, one for script-fu). So the procedure
> I have written about some time ago does work just fine without launcher, but
> has only minimal functionnality,

I'm not sure I understand fully your packaging mechanism, but would it be
possible to have script-fu and the launcher as faceless background apps?  I
know it's possible to disable the dock presence (for a given app) -- but I
am not sure if it's really needed a UI for the extra 2 processes in your new
scheme.  If I understand the intentions of the project (make GIMP a seamless
first-class citizen on OS X), in theory the user shouldn't need to worry
about those technical details: so I'm thinking, maybe any config-related UI
elements could be removed or moved somewhere else and have the 2 additional
processes as background daemons.


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