Bill wrote:

> I have been experimenting with ways of simplifying the user  
> interface, and
> one very simple change that I think gives a rather dramatic  
> improvement
> in appearance is to remove the "relief" from the buttons that  
> appear at
> the bottom of numerous dialogs.  This is a request for discussion.   
> I have
> filed an enhancement request in Bugzilla showing a screenshot of what
> the result looks like, and a patch, see
> What do people think?

I see that you and Mitch moved forward regardless.

There are some deeper problems with those buttons (why are they there,
allt the time, so prominently?), the ones in the layer dialog excepted.

I would love to get this un-relief'ed look for most controls that are
displayed permanently, would be a relief (no pun...) for everyone.

Mitch and I tried to find a way last year. Alas, no cigar...


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