Bill wrote:

> peter sikking wrote:
>> There are some deeper problems with those buttons (why are they  
>> there,
>> allt the time, so prominently?), the ones in the layer dialog  
>> excepted.
> I agree with this.  I too think it would be best to have buttons only
> for the layers/channels/paths dialogs, since the others are not  
> used as
> much and their functions can be accessed by the right-click menu.   
> (Not
> for the Tool Options right now, but that could easily be done.)

right-click is a shortcut for a primary way to do things. So in
this case I see good chances for the not-so-often-used options
to go in their own little menu that gets accessed from a
small-no-relief-low-contrast-icon button in the corner of the dialog.

>> I would love to get this un-relief'ed look for most controls that are
>> displayed permanently, would be a relief (no pun...) for everyone.
>> Mitch and I tried to find a way last year. Alas, no cigar...
> I would be interested to know more about why it could not
> be done.  In my view, every unnecessary edge we can get
> rid of is a gain.

find a legal way and you are my hero. Mitch and I could find
no way how gtk supports showing the relief only on mouse-over,
for things like pop-up menus.


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