On Wednesday 13 February 2008, Jim Sabatke wrote:
> Brendan wrote:
> > On Wednesday 13 February 2008, Jim Sabatke wrote:
> >> Brendan wrote:
> >>> More on the "bug" I am running into. It very well may be that this is
> >>> not a bug and just a feature or whatever that I am running into, but
> >>> it's not very well explained anywhere, seemingly.
> >>>
> >>> I have an image that I have worked on, had multiple layers, then when
> >>> merged down, it cannot be drawn on directly, even though only one layer
> >>> is shown and no error message pops up. 2.2 didn't seem to feature this,
> >>> as I have done it countless times. Seems to be intermittent, but it's
> >>> hard to figure out when I don't have much time to debug.
> >>>
> >>> More info...when I am saving the image as a jpeg, it shows the message
> >>> about transparency...so is there a hidden layer or something that isn't
> >>> allowing me to draw on...oh hell, I am running out of words.
> >>>
> >>> I can send out a screenshot of the "issue". Didn't want to send it to
> >>> the list and waste bandwidth.
> >>>
> >>> BTW, this is a compiled-from-source version of 2.4.4.
> >>> _______________________________________________
> >>
> >> I suspect that sending the XCF file, as suggested earlier by I don't
> >> remember who, might be the best way to start.  That should contain
> >> everything, hidden or not, in your picture.
> >
> > Sadly, it's private work product that I can't release...If someone mailed
> > me off-list, I'm sure I could find a way.
> Can you create and duplicate the problem with a non-product photo that
> you can share?

Won't be for awhile, but I'll give it a shot.
It only seems to happen when I follow a certain pattern, and by then, I've 
spent 10-20 minutes in the step before, and don't remember exactly the steps 
I've taken, since it's mostly touch-up work for models. Lots of 
Cloning-Healing-Layer Masking in different orders. Makes it very difficult to 
file a bug. Mostly wanted to see if anyone had had a similar situation crop 
up. I know it's a bug, or unintended consequence of how I am trying to draw 
on a layer that Gimp thinks exists but isn't shown, but it might take awhile 
to nail down.
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