On Saturday 16 February 2008, Klaus Ethgen wrote:
> I see no point how to make it more simple. 3 lines vs. one line is not
> that more complexity.

Every dev would have to remember 3 lines instead of only one.

> Sure, can be done. And might be more abstract. But in that case please
> define the stuff inline else the overhead for the function call would be
> to high.

I doubt that there'd be any measurable difference, considering 
a) nowadays' compilers, 
b) the amount that function would be called (not within loops, constant times, 
at startup or at maybe by a user action) and 
c) the time the access to some environment variable (or even /etc/passwd) 

If it works, the patch is accepted and anyone notices that it is speed 
critical, _then_ is the time for optimizing.

BTW, have you proposed this to the GLIB team/list already?

Greetings, Daniel

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