Alexia Death schrieb:
> On Friday 11 January 2008 01:29:17 David Hodson wrote:
>> I wrote a proposal to enhance the gimp brush code quite a few years
>>  ago, which can still be found here:
>> You might want to see if it contains any useful ideas.
> Ive read it:) Thanks. It does contain some interesting concepts like 
> having unified rendering code and a filter stack.

I agree. :) I have been looking at the GIMP code recently to look for
possibilities of implementing some features that could make GIMP more
useful for artists that create paintings from scratch (which includes me
;)). A more powerful and flexible brush engine would be near the top of
the list.

This would likely also cover the SVG brushes (very appealing idea) and
adjustable input curves proposals.

Maybe someone with more insight into the code could give an outline of
how it currently works? I am willing to invest some time studying the
code myself, but unfortunately it is very scarcely documented and so I
am not sure how the various components interact.

Also it would be nice to know if there are already more concrete plans
for this (GEGL stuff?), or even if someone is already working on it.


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