On Tuesday 11 March 2008 21:46:41 Joern P. Meier wrote:
> I have been looking at the GIMP code recently to look for
> possibilities of implementing some features that could make GIMP more
> useful for artists that create paintings from scratch (which includes me
> ;)).
Yay! Another art buff interested in brushes.

> A more powerful and flexible brush engine would be near the top of 
> the list.
So true.

> This would likely also cover the SVG brushes (very appealing idea) and
> adjustable input curves proposals.
And dynamics,,, That's important too IMHO. Ability to bind any brush property 
to one or more motion dynamics, primary or derived (speed, tilt,pressure, 
angular speed, etc...) .  

> Maybe someone with more insight into the code could give an outline of
> how it currently works? 
> I am willing to invest some time studying the 
> code myself, but unfortunately it is very scarcely documented and so I
> am not sure how the various components interact.
Gimp is large code wise. I opted for trying to understand the bits I'm working 
on and not the whole thing at once ;)  

I have been hacking in the event side of things since early this year and I'm 
slowly starting to get a clue how things relate to each other. Perhaps best 
for you to learn is to trace events stating from display shell callbacks to 
the drawing code in various tools to get the overview you need?

As I understand it now paint core handles most of painting related stuff, 
different brush types are dervates of GimpBrush that overload the functions 
in witch thy differ. Making a new brush type should not be that difficult, 
but integrating it to UI... That part is a mystery to me.

> Also it would be nice to know if there are already more concrete plans
> for this (GEGL stuff?), or even if someone is already working on it.
Somebody is working on some gegl stuff but its not really usable yet as far as 
painting goes.

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