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> Ruben Vermeersch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >
> >  A GSoC would free me from the proverbial "burger flipping", no better
> >  way to do it than to help implementing a much requested feature in the
> >  GIMP.
> Maybe you were trying to make a joke, but this line does not suggest
> a very high level of enthusiasm.  Since one of the main things we are
> trying to avoid is to pick people who will get started and then quit in
> the middle because it's too hard to do this kind of work during the
> summer, this makes it hard to pay attention to the rest of the
> message.

This was indeed a joke, but probably one that doesn't translate well
from Dutch to English (I am not a native speaker). My apologies for
giving you the impression I am not, I absolutely didn't intend to sound
this way. 

The GNOME community (and all the cool things happening in the 2.4 days)
was one the main reasons why I started my studies in computer science.
Having the chance to do this for a longer period of time, rather than
just the few spare moments university and summer employment leave me, is
a dream. I planned on participating last year, but I was selected for a
summer internship.

I have been working on GNOME projects for a few years now, in the
beginning these were small thing here and there. The last two years, I
have been contributing actively on banshee and f-spot. Before that, I
have been writing web applications since 1999. Working on the GIMP would
allow me to combine my passion for photography and programming.

The purpose of my mail is to find out if there is a feasible task (hard,
but doable given the time-frame) that would ultimately make the GIMP
even more usable for photographers. I do not want to submit a task I
cannot complete, hence I prefer to ask those who have a better view on
this first.


Ruben Vermeersch (rubenv)
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