I am Ruben Vermeersch, a Master in Computer Science student from
Belgium. I would like to ask some advice before submitting a
(potentially unfeasible) GSoC proposal.

As a photographer, my main use case for the GIMP is doing curves
adjustments. Not having adjustment layers has never stopped me from
using our beloved ´╗┐GIMP, but it has led to some annoyance. As such, I
would like to help out in speeding up the implementation of adjustment

As I would rather not submit a proposal that's impossible given the
proposed timeframe, I would like to ask the GIMP developers (which have
a better view on this), if there is a task I could propose, which would
lead to a faster implementation of adjustment layers. Also, is anyone
willing to mentor this?

A GSoC would free me from the proverbial "burger flipping", no better
way to do it than to help implementing a much requested feature in the

Kind regards,
   Ruben Vermeersch

Ruben Vermeersch (rubenv)
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