My name is Zhang Junbo, a postgraduate student in Graduate University
of the Chinese Academy of Sciences from China. My research direction
is digital image processing algorithms for satellites and spacecrafts.

I'm interested in the project "On-canvas text editing". There are
significant differences between Chinese and Western language. For
example, A Chinese character's width equivalent two English letters'
width, and Chinese characters must be input by specific input method
instead of being input directly from the keyboard. That means
On-canvas text editing should consider the compatibility of Chinese
character input method. In China, people generally use SCIM or fcitx
to input Chinese characters in Linux environment.

Su Zhe, the author of SCIM, often guide the Open-Source Software Fans
Association of my University, and I'm a member of that association. So
when I need help in work, I could get in touch with him conveniently.

The wiki haven't mentioned the mentor of this project. Could I get
some more information about this project and the mentor?


Best wishes,
  Zhang Junbo
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