On Sun, 2008-03-23 at 16:16 +0800, 熊咖啡 wrote:

> I'm interested in the project "On-canvas text editing". There are
> significant differences between Chinese and Western language. For
> example, A Chinese character's width equivalent two English letters'
> width, and Chinese characters must be input by specific input method
> instead of being input directly from the keyboard. That means
> On-canvas text editing should consider the compatibility of Chinese
> character input method. In China, people generally use SCIM or fcitx
> to input Chinese characters in Linux environment.

I might be totally wrong on this, but as far as I know GTK+ applications
use the GTK+ input methods framework. The details of SCIM should be
hidden behind that abstraction. We should definitely continue to do
this, on the canvas, as in our text entries. One one of the main goals
of this project is to allow text input on the canvas without
compromising the ability to use the GTK+ input methods.


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