On Sun March 23 2008 19:39:42 Sven Neumann wrote:
> I might be totally wrong on this, but as far as I know GTK+ applications
> use the GTK+ input methods framework. The details of SCIM should be
> hidden behind that abstraction. We should definitely continue to do
> this, on the canvas, as in our text entries. One one of the main goals
> of this project is to allow text input on the canvas without
> compromising the ability to use the GTK+ input methods.

Thank you for pointing out my mistake. Frankly, I don't know clearly 
about how GTK+ work. I'm sorry I assumed that as a matter of course.

As a student interested in image processing, I hope I could program for gimp, 
and GSoC is a chance for me. In order to avoid to be unrealistic, I read the 
Ideas list on the wiki, and tried to find which project fit for me. In view 
of my native language, I chose On-canvans text editing at first. But it seems 
the compatibility of input method is not a problem, so I think On-canvas text 
editing is not the most fit project for me. 

Another project I was interested in is about the UFRaw plug-in. The web site 
ufraw.sourceforge.net said there are three important features which are still 
missing in UFRaw : 100% Zooming, Sharpening, and Embed EXIF data. Although I 
have little experience of developing a GUI program, I'm self-confidence with 
my knowledge about signal(Esp. 2-D image) processing theory. I wish to work 
for 100% Zooming or Sharpening, because I think image processing theory is 
needed in those projects.

Best wishes,
    Zhang Junbo
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