Bill Skaggs wrote:
> The script can be made to work in Gimp by adding one line:
>             (write-char #\space port)
> as you do, and if "port" is not the current output port, then
> scheme saves the value of the current port, sets the output
> port to "port", performs the write, and then resets the output
> port back to the old value.  Your code never sets the output
> port, so this set-reset sequence happens for every write and
> write-char command.  Furthermore, the "old value" is undefined.
> I don't know enough about scheme to say whether this is a bug
> in your code or in tinyscheme.

Thanks, Bill. Please add the comments to bug #523974. Since the script 
generates the correct output when run with TinyScheme I am considering this a 
bug in Script-Fu.


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