I apologize that I did not make this fully clear when I sent this to the
list.  I have had people ask questions about the usablity of this script.
This script is ugly and cumbersome.  It is not made to be very robust and it
does little error checking.  It is clunky and not designed to be integrated
into a release of The Gimp.  It's only purpose is for people who, in the
interim where native layer groups are not available, need this functionality
or that it would greatly speed their graphics process.  I do not mean for
this to become a full-featured solution.


On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 3:38 PM, Joseph Miller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> Hello,
> I am new to this list.  I have been in need of layer groups and I couldn't
> find any GIMP functionality to use them the way I needed to.  Maybe this is
> in development for a later version of GIMP or a version I don't have.  I'm
> running 2.4.2 on Ubuntu Gutsy.  I have written a Script-Fu plugin which
> will fudge this functionality.  It groups layers by the first word in their
> name.  Please forgive my programming, you'll see I'm horrific at best with
> Script-Fu.  It's slightly messy, but should be pretty readable and may be a
> great start for someone else looking at this functionality as well.  I look
> forward to your comments.  You can download the script at
> http://www.calcmaster.net/personal_projects/gimp/
> -Joseph
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